Baqer Mohebi Enterprises LLC Qatar

Baqer Mohebi Enterprises LLC Qatar (BME) was established in 2006, acting as the group’s marketing and distribution arm in the dynamic Qatar market with its offices in the center of the capital Doha and its logistic centre within the industrial zone.

Within a short time span BME has captured a dominating position and today markets over 1000 SKUs from over 20 multinational brands from Europe and America, backed by its 60-strong team players.

BME’s coverage extends to all channels of distributions from hypermarkets to supermarkets, groceries, gas stations, hotels, restaurants and catering houses across Qatar.

Our penetration of Qatar’s FMCG market

Qatar Consumer1

Our penetration of Qatar’s HORECA market


Our HORECA department in Qatar has made impressive strides within a short time-frame. We already represent numerous international brands across both food and non-food sectors.