(L to R) Mukesh Dhoundiyal, Babu Kaimal, Nagaraj Yellapragada, Krishna Murthy Janardhanan (Britannia Regional Manager) and Srikanth Mallampalli 


UAE plays a key role in Britannia’s centennial celebrations

Britannia Industries, Indian’s second largest biscuit maker by volume, recently celebrated its centenary.

This was also a great occasion to applaud in Dubai, where BME has made Britannia the second largest biscuit brand sold in the UAE.

Britannia’s Managing Director, Varun Berry and its Vice President and Head of International Business, Anindya Dutta, were present at the event where all the distributor teams from across the GCC were invited to take part and share in its future plans and strategy.

The BME team was feted with a memento for their strong contribution to the brand’s success in the UAE, with a commitment by one and all to strive for the No.1 spot.

Gerolsteiner natural mineral water makes a splash in the UAE


Gerolsteiner is Germany’s No.1 name in sparkling mineral water and one of the most popular brands around the world. It’s now diving into the UAE market and making a successful splash in many retail stores such as Carrefour, Sharjah Coop, Al Maya and more. The range will comprise Apple Spritzer, Natural Still and Sparkling Mineral Water.

Gerolsteiner’s rapid consumer acceptance is attributed to two main factors. Firstly, it has a clean and refreshing taste. Secondly, it’s naturally rich in essential minerals. One liter provides more than one-third of the daily requirement of calcium and one quarter of the daily magnesium requirement.

BME is embracing the challenge to duplicate Gerolsteiner’s success on the UAE stage. 


BME innovates with Twinings ‘INFUSO’ infusions launch                                                                                

In 2018, Twinings developed a new range of refreshing infusions labeled ‘Infuso’.

To launch it in the UAE, BME’s Sales & Marketing team came up with an innovative and visionary approach. They created special product stands and positioned them close to the fruit section of retail stores – to highlight the uniqueness of the infused fruits and herbs in Infuso.

By cross-merchandising the stands outside their normal areas, BME has given them unusual and interesting attention value in the strategically selected outlets. It’s proving to be a great way to showcase these new flavors and win customer understanding and interest.