Duni’s competition for customized napkins

(L to R) Marcus Toft, Area Manager Middle East & Africa (Duni Middle East and Africa) along with profile print competition winners 


An eye-catching napkin on the table just steals your attention, doesn’t it? Duni in the UAE wanted to find the winning design so they ran a profile print competition between July and September 2018. There were 29 entries.

BME’s Horeca Non-Food team displayed some of their most exclusive and customized napkins printed for clients such as Vox Cinemas, Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi, Caesar’s Palace Hotel, Zabeel House Mini – The Greens, and Armani Hotel.

Bimal Dudeja, Brand Development Executive, was announced as the winner and Ashhar Alam, Sales Executive was the runner up. Aafaq Saleem, Shaheem PM and Valerian Crasto also scored highly in the competition.


Duni Ecoecho packaging is eco-friendly and stylish

Duni is also providing hospitality and food service in the region with a wide range of recyclable containers, plates and cardboard boxes under the Ecoecho label. These are among the best products in the market for combining sustainability, quality and style.

The containers and lids, for example, are made of recycled polyester (R-PET) which comes from recycled plastic bottles. Disposable cups are made from compostable PLA, which is a fermentable corn starch. All cardboard products are recyclable as cardboard.

Ecoecho offers businesses an unmatched selection of practical and stylish designs, materials and colors, while assuring that all disposables can be fully recycled and so protect the environment. 


Kleenex introduce foam soaps for frequent hand washing

In three fragrances – Fresh with Aloe Vera, Energy with lemon and Joy with rose extracts

Kimberly-Clark Professional has expanded its product line by introducing the new range of Kleenex Botanics luxury foam hand cleansers.

Specially formulated for frequent hand washing, Kleenex Botanics gives the skin a refreshed and uplifted feeling.

Because the soap is delivered as a foam rather than a liquid, it requires 16-45% less water to rinse away. For every 100 people using foam soap, this delivers a potential annual saving in water usage of as much as 56,000 liters. Not only does it feel better than traditional soaps, it also contributes to lower running costs.


Quality and economy with Scott’s Control Toilet System

The new Scott Control Toilet System from Kimberly-Clark Professional is ideal for busy washrooms. It controls the use of toilet tissue while making it easy for staff to clean and refill the dispenser.

One large internal roll, dispensed in high quality single sheets through a central feed system, can serve over 300 users. This is one of the highest capacity dispensers on the market – avoiding excessive tissue wastage, improving sanitization and speeding up maintenance.