Keeping Food and Beverage supply constant

In 2020 Dubai expects to host 25 million visitors during the Expo event – ten times its current population of 2.5 million.


With the number of visitors growing every year (14.2 million came in 2015, a 7.5% increase year-on-year), many logistics systems need to already be in place to cater to the demand. What does it take to keep the supplies flowing smoothly?

BME offers guidelines based on decades of experience in managing the F&B supply chain for many outlets in the UAE and neighboring countries.

Visitors from the East

The UAE, and Dubai in particular, has become renowned as a highly popular tourist destination. The visitors include many from the East, such as over 500,000 from China last year. The government is encouraging even greater numbers by granting them visas immediately upon arrival.

Tourists have numerous destinations such as Legoland, Motion Gate Dubai, Burj Khalifa and Ferrari World in the UAE. Dubai offers a dense network of hotels in all classes in addition to shopping malls and tourist attractions.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

This is the world’s largest indoor theme park with a size of about 28 football fields (460,000 sq.m),
offering many exciting themes for all ages.

In addition to its many attractions, IMG will also feature spaces dedicated to dining, movie
theaters, and even shopping. It has the capacity to host up to 20,000 visitors daily.

Guidelines for smooth F&B flow

For visitors and residents alike, a key priority for a retail outlet is to ensure a constant supply of food and drink. Baqer Mohebi Enterprises has decades of experience in F&B distribution and brand representation in Gulf markets and believes that there are three main guidelines that ensure
the smooth flow of supplies:

  • Firstly, the F&B supplier needs to operate an accurate and detailed stock tracking with certified health standard safeguards.
  • Secondly, the supplier must ensure that good and adequate stock levels are maintained to accommodate distribution requirements.
  • Thirdly, the F&B supplier should conduct brand sponsorship and live trials to stimulate demand at the popular touristic venues like IMG, which are an ideal showcase for new products.