Cigar splendour in Dubai’s hot spot 7/1/2019

(L to R) Walid Saleh (CEO, Phoenicia Cyprus), Mohammed Mohebi (CEO, Zainal Mohebi Holdings), Fares Nasr (Head of Tobacco Division, BME) and Jose Maria Lopez Inchaurbe, (Development Vice-President, Habanos S.A.)  BME is proud…

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Duni Ecoecho packaging is eco-friendly and stylish 7/1/2019

Duni is providing hospitality and food service in the region with a wide range of recyclable containers, plates and cardboard boxes under the Ecoecho label. These are among the best…

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UAE plays a key role in Britannia’s centennial 7/1/2019

Britannia Industries, Indian’s second largest biscuit maker by volume, recently celebrated its centenary, also in the UAE.

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Kleenex introduce foam soaps for frequent hand washing 6/1/2019

In three fragrances – Fresh with Aloe Vera, Energy with lemon and Joy with rose extracts Kimberly-Clark Professional has expanded its product line by introducing the new range of Kleenex…

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Quality and economy with Scott’s Control Toilet System 6/1/2019

The new Scott Control Toilet System from Kimberly-Clark Professional is idea for busy washrooms. It controls the use of toilet tissue while making it easy for staff to clean and…

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Gerolsteiner mineral water comes to the UAE 6/1/2019

Gerolsteiner is Germany’s No.1 name in sparkling mineral water and one of the most popular brands around the world. It’s now diving into the UAE market and making a successful…

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