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Consumer brands: Top Players in the category in the Lower Gulf region

With our comprehensive scope covering foods, beverages and non-food products, we are one of the most sought-after sales and distribution companies in the Lower Gulf.

The five divisions that serve the UAE, Oman, and Qatar, manage over 40 regional and international brands and over 7000 SKUs. They operate as integrated units to ensure a smooth supply chain and brand-building value addition, from the source to the point of purchase in the stores across these three countries.

Key benefits

  • Strategic Business Units (SBUs) within BME have their own dedicated team, responsible for all operations within the product group.
  • Our matrix organizational structure ensures efficient sales management, trade marketing initiatives, and in-store merchandising (stationed and mobile merchandising) through direct distribution and brand-building activities for each brand we manage within their respective categories across market segments.
  • We are proud of our 100% numeric distribution in the Hyper & Supermarkets in the regions, robust van coverage in the grocery channel, and healthy weighted distribution in Traditional and Wholesale channels.
  • We leverage our multi-product and multi-country status to reduce operational hurdles and drive negotiations, thereby gaining greater market share for the brands we proudly manage.
  • Our sales teams are constantly focused on three fundamentals of FMCG Business: Availability, Visibility & Activations.