UAE’s baking professionals learn at the Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre in Dubai is attracting people from the hospitality industry all over the UAE to learn how to quickly and profitably prepare a range of tasty breads and pastries for their businesses.

Latest baking equipment and know-how at Dubai’s Innovation Centre

Baking and Pastry Seminars

Innovation Centre exist to apply new ideas, follow consumer trends, apply advances and provide hands-on interaction with customers.

BME hosts programme of baking and pastry seminars in the UAE. These are valuable opportunities for our patrons to gain first-hand knowledge from visiting experts about improving their product knowledge and stimulating new income opportunities.


Bakery seminars teach participants about the techniques and mixes they need to prepare a wide variety of breads. Topics include bread improvers, flavours, additions, margarines, fats, enzymes and emulsifiers and more.


Patisserie seminars take participants through all interactions between the base, the filling and the decoration. They learn all about mixes for cakes and sponges, custard creams, French specialties, mousses and bavarios. Topics include glazes, fillings, fudges, ganaches, non-dairy toppings and numerous other aspects

Business Development

In addition to the technical sides of bakery and patisserie, we also cover marketing aspects of how participants can grow their businesses by extending their offering with new and different products.

Interested in joining a seminar?

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